Sip ‘n Dip

Great Falls, home to 59,000 mostly conservative citizens, can be a soul-deadening place. Big-box stores and chain restaurants line the weary main drag. But you can’t hold life back. It always breaks through sometimes in unintentionally hilarious ways even in the most unlikely places.

Like the Sip ‘n Dip, a kitsch-tastic tiki bar hidden inside the O’Haire Motor Inn. The cavelike Sip ‘n Dip has two large windows that look directly into the O’Haire pool. In the daytime, you can spy on swimming motel guests.


Government Propaganda

Yeah, nice example - of course the hotels are full, it's 400 participants, 300 (or more) do need rooms and they do not come alone, they bring their team of 1,2 3 people. The most in the millionaires class have entourages of 30-50 people. So yes, La Paz is booked... for what? 3 days? 4days? 5 days? None of the people (racing teams) I spoke to does plan to stay much longer because of the crime warnings in the media and the continuing killings and b) beforehand they all planned to arrive as late as possible for same reason.

The real question to ask would be: How much does La Paz pay to the American organizer SCORE Intl. and it's Trump buddy CEO Roger Norman? How much does the Baja California Sur government pay? What is the cost this event created for elevated personal, what are the damages done? How much of the money paid is invested in Mexico, How much is taken to the USA? Does the amount taken (and declared) to USA and credible proof expenses paid in Mexico match the number paid in BCS? Or was there some "evaporation"......??? We are not talking about peanuts here!


Systematic derangement and corruption

He publicly pressures the Justice Department to investigate his political opponents. He's called for reporters to be jailed, and his administration demanded that a sportscaster who criticized him be fired. Official government statements promote his hotels. You can't protest it all; you'd never do anything else. The country has changed in the past year, and many have grown numb after unrelenting shocks.

What now passes for ordinary would have once been inconceivable. The government is under the control of an erratic racist who engages in nuclear brinkmanship on Twitter. In this administration, crassness has become a weapon, annihilating social codes that once restrained political behavior, signaling that old standards no longer apply.


The world’s first website

World’s first website is still alive and kicking. It does not come close to being glamorous because all that’s present is text and hyperlinks but the fact that it is still running is pretty cool.


Todos Santos BCS

The diversity of landscape across Mexico means that different regions offer distinctive delights, from desert ghost towns and quaint colonial pueblos seeped in history to laid-back beach towns popping with color. The options are endless, here my pick out of CNN's favorite small-town destinations to inspire your next trip. If you were asked to imagine a quintessential Mexican town, you will probably think of something close to Todos Santos. Colorful facades reflect off the blue skies and are complimented by multicolored Mexican flag decorations and proud cacti that line many of the streets.

Located on Mexico's Pacific Coast and popular with artists and surfers, the town has a very laid-back, easygoing vibe.
The most beautiful small towns in Mexico